P1 Superstock final round at Stokes Bay – Gosport: Saturday

Today was the first day of the final round of the P1 Superstock series and it was held a short distance from the studio in Stokes Bay, Gosport. The PR team at P1 Superstock were extremely helpful and welcoming, and so I prepared to shoot this for my agency – looking forward to covering some powerboat racing for the first time. When I arrived it was great to meet Tim Piper a specialist marine sports photographer and the official photographer for P1 Superstock – unlike Tim I was shooting from the beach, and therefore I had a few minutes to kit up before the P1 Panthers practice where I could get my eye in and get some images of the crowd before the racing started in earnest.

I got my bearings and distances sorted and made sure I had a good line for the first race the AquaX skis who turned on a marker close-by and then did a close run along the beach in-front of the 1000s of spectators, and I made my first racing images of the event. I shifted part way through the race to get a different viewpoint and after the race had some time to speak with another photographer nearby before the AquaX (sit-down) race started. This necessitated some changes in set-up and then style having caught some frozen action as they turned on the marker I then moved to a panning setting to get the motion – far tougher on water than on tarmac but it resulted in my favourite image of the day of no99 Nick Thompson on his Seadoo RXP-X 260 shown below.

I then moved again to get a better vantage point for the P1 Panther race which was over a larger course and further out – looking for a marker for those turning images as well as some panning as well. It meant a long walk to the Eastern end of the site but worth it – although it meant I missed the finish line. A lesson learnt for tomorrow.

Here are some of my images from the day:

AquaX during the P1 Superstock



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