Victorious Festival 2014 on Southsea Seafront – Portsmouth, Hampshire: Sunday

After a reasonable amount of sleep and a relaxing morning I again headed over to the Victorious Festival 2014 site. My route was now well known and I was soon back and inside. There were certainly fewer people around, and I took the opportunity to grab some food from a stall I hadn’t been able to queue for during yesterdays busy set list – the food at the festival was excellent and lots of variety as well.

Todays schedule allowed for me to move between the two main stages with 20-30 minutes offset times. It made wiring out the images a little more challenging but critically I wanted to cover at least two of the acts on the Seaside Stage – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and Ocean Colour Scene and ended up shooting Kassassin Street for the second year running at the Victorious Festival albeit in a different atmosphere this year on the large outdoor stage.

That said I started with The Struts who put on a great performance mainly through front man Luke Spiller who was at 100% from the start of the first song. It was then that I hades over to Kassassin Street and quickly back to the Castle Stage for  MensWe@r after which I wired out some images and took a short breather. Shed Seven followed and I found myself in an excellent position as Rick Witter jumped down off the stage and to the barriers to sing with with the crowd causing all the photographers to spin around and the security guys to up their own alert status !

Having loved “Thou Shalt Always Kill” I couldn’t miss Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and so switched stages again. Powerful from the off Scroobius Pip also felt the urge and not only came down off the stage but jumped over the barriers and deep into the crowd. We got good support from the security guys and got some excellent images of that and some more songs once he had returned up onto the stage. Back onto the Castle Stage and Naughty Boy kicked off a huge set which I not only enjoyed photographing but listened intently to from the backstage area as I wired off another set. By this time timings were a little shaky and I still arrived early for Ocean Colour Scene despite having to work my way carefully in the twilight through thousands of people in the Seaside Stage arena. Eventually they made it onto stage and didn’t disappoint, although I left after only two songs and ran back to ensure I didn’t miss headline performer Seasick Steve on the Castle Stage who fortunately was playing some long tracks in his first three allowing me to get a really nice set of images.

Exhausted I packed and left again getting the last of my images out on arrival back in the office and calling it a night. A really great two days, an excellent Victorious Festival 2014, and for me some good images. Looking forward to 2015 and an even bigger festival.

A couple of images from the Sunday – more to follow:



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