2014 BCS National Championships: Friday

Later than normal and slightly confusing because of the Easter vacation period but it was again time to return to Bath University for the 2014 BCS National Championships. My kit was prepared and packed well in advance and a preferred schedule prepared for the photographic team and so it was simply a case of getting in the car early on Friday morning and head up to Bath in plenty of time for the start of the golf which had a first tee time of 10am.

I stopped off at the university and checked in with the team and it was good to see that for the 2014 BCS National Championship all of the familiar faces were present. With everything in place I made the short journey over to the golf course, got my cameras ready and went to find the organiser before getting into position and shooting the men on the first tee and then heading up about 2/3 through the field to the 1st green and second tee where I could cover approach shots, putting and then the tee shots. The ladies came through at 12:00 and I also managed some image of the 7th green as well. Time flew by and confident of some great images it was time to go back to the university for the opening ceremony of the 2014 BCS National Championships.

In the main sports hall the seating quickly filled, and the ceremony commenced. After opening remarks and the presentation of the team captains it was time for the Wilkinson Sword to be returned by last years winners. We were then treated to a dance routine by Bath Dance College and then a motivation speech by paralympian swimmer Kate Grey. Then it was time for the athletes to start competing and I headed off to Bath Sports & Leisure Centre to cover some squash and badminton early as last year they completed well ahead of schedule. I then returned to the university for some womens and then some mens volleyball before grabbing a last minute vote to eat onsite around 8pm.

Images are available to order and view on our online gallery. If the gallery is not open yet you can pre-register and be notified once we have the awards and a number of sports available.

Here are a few teaser images though from Fridays action. Please note all of these images are copyrighted, and protected by law. Please do not steal, print or share them. An opportunity to purchase images is made available to all athletes, family members and colleges.

2014 BCS National Championships


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