2014 BCS National Championships: Saturday

Saturday is always the busiest day for photography and these BCS National Championships were no different. An extra photographer is drafted in to compensate for the time taken to cover both the cross-country and swimming both of which only take place on the Saturday. The day started early, and with the short trip from the hotel to Bath University completed it was time for the photographic team to meet up and discuss the days events over a large coffee in the sports hall cafe. The schedule is checked, and any additional guidelines from the organisers communicated. Once we knew where we were going it was a case of heading off and then meeting back again just prior to the awards ceremony.

Last year the Saturday of the BCS National Championships had the infamy of being the coldest day of the year. It was -2c and trying to snow as I covered the x-country and I was so pleased to see the temperature at over 10c, practically tropical in comparison. It also meant that my plans to cover field sports whilst the court sports and also the trampolining were being handled by another photographer (in the dry & warm) was a good one. Kicking off with the hockey on two pitches I shot a couple of games on each before moving over to the rugby pitches where I started on the women’s pitch for the rugby 7s. During breaks there was an opportunity to cover some of the mens and womens football but a dominant display by Wales ladies on the rugby pitch will stick in my memory.

The x-country was a fair trek for me and my kit and so I took a couple of close positions for the mens and ladies races, which given the course layout was a sound decision, and minimised my mileage. I’m always amazed at the pace, and determination of the competitors who even under more favourable conditions at this years BCS National Championships were exceptional. It was then back to the rugby pitches for the mens game with some highly competitive games and hard-hitting challenges and some more of the ladies.

This years transition into the pool was smoother with very little condensation on my lenses and camera bodies – again a stark change from the 20 minutes or so it took for them to recover last year coming into the humid pool area from freezing outdoors. Timing was perfect with the last heat to get my eye in and then the finals where I covered the individual races looking for images which would enable the competitors to identify themselves.

The last part of the (shooting) day is to cover the awards ceremony for those sports which complete by the end of Saturday. It is all hands to the pump as we work as a team to setup a mobile studio, and then usher the athletes into place for their award photographs without disrupting the flow of the ceremony. 45 minutes later it is all broken back down, packed away, and we headed off for a well deserved chilli onsite and transfer and backup of images from all of the cameras.

Images are available to order and view on our online gallery. If the gallery is not open yet you can pre-register and be notified once we have the awards and a number of sports available.

Here are a few teaser images though from Saturdays action. Please note all of these images are copyrighted, and protected by law. Please do not steal, print or share them. An opportunity to purchase images is made available to all athletes, family members and colleges.

BCS National Championships

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