Stubbington 10k 2014: Testing my camera equipment

Every January there has always been a short lull after the Christmas rush for portraits where I get chance to plan for the coming year, check out my equipment, and usually rush the final preparation of my accounts ready for the deadline. The Stubbington 10k has always been a useful event to do some of that equipment checking in a real life environment – especially some of our more specialised items, and once again it didn’t fail to deliver. With the accounts in to the accountant much earlier this year it also meant that some of the ideas as had for the second half of 2014 could be brought forward and we had much more urgency to check it out for some jobs which we had booked in over the following two weeks.

As the Titchfield Haven is just a short walk from the studio, and provides a picturesque, yet sheltered spot, I went down to the visitors centre and positioned myself well out of the line of the runners, and any eye-line of any official photographers that were covering the event. In fact I managed to catch up with one of them before the runners arrived, who eventually recognised me from last year – and remembered that I had no intention of trying to sell to any of the competitors of the Stubbington 10k with my sole reasoning for being there to try out cameras, lenses, and some techniques. Out of respect for the official photographer and their sales I have waited to post this blog entry and whilst it says the day of the race it is actually posted about a week afterwards. If you are a runner, of family/friend and want some images – please buy their photographs, mine are not for sale and nor are they there to be stolen, please respect my copyright.

My aim for the 20 minutes or so I was shooting was to test a couple of my key longer lenses, shot wide open, and with continuous focus to ensure that the combination of my technique and the system was giving me predictably sharp images of moving subjects. I’m going to be shooting a lot of sport this year so it is high on my priority list. To add a little danger to the evaluation I also for the first time exclusively shot these using “back-button focus”. You might be interested in this if you are a photographer, and not in the slightest if you are a Stubbington 10k runner who has found this post.

As usual my kit hasn’t let me down, and neither did my thumb/finger combination or my eye and I’m very happy with the results. I left before the monkey suited runner came past which I’m devastated about – but I managed to get some good expressions, and a variety of individual and group images. I also witnessed the confusion when despite signs having been in situ for a week or more and the roads being closed both cars and a significant number of cyclists weaved their way through or across the runners and I’m surprised (but pleased) I didn’t capture any accidents.

Here are a small selection of my images..

A group of runners in the Stubbington 10k pass the Titchfield Haven visitors centre


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