Goodwood Revival 2013 – Saturday 14th September

Up bright and early again today, and having charged batteries, cleaned lenses, formatted cards and re-packed the bag the previous evening I was ready for another day at the Goodwood Revival 2013.

My plan for the day was to capture more of the people at the event, and the vintage look. Whilst I love shooting track action there is a very limited market for motorsport action images, most of which would be serviced by commissioned photographers at the event, and I personally had enough from Friday to be able to tick off the track aspect of the Goodwood Revival 2013 weekend again my planned editorial coverage. So with smaller, lighter lenses I again made the journey up the A27 to Goodwood, and into the car park for a second day. I arrived slightly earlier, and with no requirement to visit the press tent today as I had already got my accreditation the day before I got straight to work shooting some of the vintage shop facades which had been created on site – a Tesco store, Kenwood shop, some vintage bicycle shops, and some cafes. The Mods and Rockers were beginning to arrive and congregate and so I made some images of them with their bikes before the crowds arrived and made shooting scenes difficult – and I also headed back to the Glam Cabs girls to shoot them all again without a throng of (predominately) male visitors grabbing their images and blocking up the area around them.

Having shot the statics I then went to an entry point to get visitors streaming into the site in their period clothing, whilst keeping an eye on the Great Train Robbery recreation with a carriage and a mock up of Leatherslade Farm celebrating the 50th anniversary. A group of actors were present and waving some money around and I shot some camera aware portraits of the guys before moving on and back into the centre of the circuit as the track was about to see it’s first use of the day. having seen the Mods and Rockers arriving I was keen to get the Mods, Rockers, Military and Police procession around the track with “Comedy & Sons – Road Menders” also present on the track to add encouragement (and some abuse to the Police) as they passed by.

I then positioned myself near the Earls Court facade in an area of good light and set about capturing images of more visitors arriving in vintage clothes, and visiting the salons, shops and cafes in that part of the site. As luck would have it the grid girls came out of a restricted area and began to process down the path to the assembly area and I managed to navigate the crowds to get a shot from a good position and further lucked out when one the grid girls made eye contact with me.

I spent much of the remainder of my time at Goodwood Revival 2013 shooting people and vintage details until the crowds became to dense and made it impossible to productively get clean images and I left again avoiding the evenings rush of traffic to get back to the office to wire the images away.

Here are a small selection from the Saturday of Goodwood Revival 2013 …

Vintage Grid Girls at Goodwood Revival 2013


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