All of our clients are aware, and I would image that most of our regular blog visitors are as well, but when we draw your attention to the fact that we haven’t posted a wedding to this blog for almost a full year now you’ll almost certainly twig that we are not photographing weddings at the moment. This has been a deliberate decision, and one which we took back in the spring of 2011 fully in the knowledge that it could take almost two years to un-wind itself as we covered those already booked, and delivered proofs and then albums. At almost one year to the date of our last wedding which we photographed locally at New Place we are down to a last few remaining clients who have yet to receive their final products, as we are patiently waiting for them to make their image selections for their albums. We have not been rushing them, they are all busy people, but it is now time for us to both make the official announcement and start to remove the wedding section of our website and so I wanted to drop out this blog post as an explanation rather than just removing it all.

Some of you might ask why we came to this decision, and there are several reasons why after shooting weddings professionally for around 10 years and for hundreds of couples have we hung up our wedding ties at least for the foreseeable future. We have always been fortunate to work with lovely couples many of whom we are still in regular contact with, and many have had their little babies photographed as they become families. It has also been a pleasure to shoot at many of the excellent Hampshire wedding venues, and some further afield as well as work with other fantastic wedding suppliers such as exceptional florist Lynda Robson at Exclusively Weddings, Tori at Riot Hairdressing and Helen Spenser a wonderful make-up artist all of whom I have worked with regularly and seen at so many wedding shows.

That said it isn’t possible to be a master of all types of photography, despite what some might have you believe, and we wanted to dedicate significantly more time to our corporate and commercial photography but most importantly our thriving newborn portrait photography where we have an excellent reputation in Hampshire and across the South of England with clients travelling from as far as Leeds to have their little newborn babies photographed here at the studio. We also needed to have more flexibility at weekends to accommodate newborns for whom there is only a very small window of opportunity to be photographed in our style and this was impossible with the wedding bookings some of which were being made between 18 and 24 months ahead.

We are actually busier now than we were back in September 2011, and as the last remaining wedding clients receive their products this should then allow us to spend a little more time on the website which is in need of an update, and maybe a little more time to shoot some personal projects which have been on hold. Phase II of Meonshore Studios is just beginning, and it looks to be an exciting second decade for our photography business.

Stopping shooting weddings also now means I’m not competing in that marketplace, and so I’m now offering an opportunity for wedding photographers who care deeply about producing albums which are really beautifully designed to learn the style I have been putting in place and delivering since November 2008 when I was trained by one of the Australian Master Photographers. The training will be 1:1, hands on with the photographers own images and will encompass several touch-points, pre-wedding, for the design process, and follow-up on the next album to ensure the techniques are understood. This will be detailed in the training section of our site at the next update but if you are a photographer reading this and are interested in learning beautiful album design then please do get in touch.

And so without a new wedding to show you my trademark images at the end of a post here is a (flash Рsorry!) slideshow of one of our most recently delivered  albums from a stunning wedding at Rhinefield House.


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