If you are considering a photo booth for your wedding, party or corporate event then do take a look at our friends at Boothylicious who have an amazing high tech and very high quality photo booth for rent. I went and took a look last week and it’s stunning – so much better than some of the ones which I have seen at the local wedding shows in the Hampshire area.

This one is really good quality and features a touch screen system, high quality images and instant photos – you can either record a video message or drop an image into the background on a green screen. There is plenty of room inside for 4 people or more if you all squeeze up !

Paul and Debra have been friends with us for years and I can heartily recommend them both for their photo booth and also their documentary wedding photography, I’d rate them as one of the premier husband and wife teams in the UK.

Photo booths are definitely hot items for 2012 weddings and this booth would make a really nice addition to a wedding at any venue. Do visit their website for more information, and to make contact with them.


Boothylicious photo-booth for weddings parties and events

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