This was the last of our weddings for 2011, and it started at New Place to meet Matt and his family rather than with Debra for her preparations. It was another lovely September day in a year which will be probably remembered for a seriously hot October, but once again September delivered with perfect weather for such an occasion.

I started with some bright overcast sky allowing me to photograph Matt, his family, and best-man in perfect light in the driveway area of New Place and in front of the house, before heading out to find some guests arriving, touch base with the coordinators from New Place, and get a view of the wedding ceremony room and plan my angles. It wasn’t long though before the guests were ushered in, and Debra arrived in a lovely old Riley wedding car which eased it’s way through the large feature gates onto the drive stopping near the house and allowing a reflection of this stunning property in the chrome of the bodywork.

Whilst Debra went in to see the Registrars I headed into the ceremony room, took my position on the squeaky floorboard between the registrars table and the fireplace and readied myself for her arrival into the room. It was very warm in the room, with the unseasonal weather, and as expected Debra found it near impossible to get the wedding ring onto Matt’s finger – but eventually it made it, and shortly afterwards they were married !

The sun was out in full force, and whilst the guests mingled on the terrace with drinks and canapes we worked through the formal photographs and family & friends groups heading over to the large flight of stone steps leading to the croquet lawn for the large groups. We had a few moments to get some relaxed portraits before heading down to the Arden Suite to photograph the cake and the room, and then it was on to  a receiving line which delivered some lovely and amusing images.

Dinner followed, and I was able to grab some water, and a snack before heading back in to cover the speeches, and the cutting of the cake, and then shortly afterwards once the room had been turned around and the band set-up there was lots of dancing. Having covered the first dance, and some of the next few songs, as well as the band in full swing I made my goodbyes and headed off to backup the images.

Here are some of them, the full gallery will be available soon and guests and friends should have the password on a small personalised card provided at the wedding.

New Place wedding photos


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