Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Lianne and Iain’s intimate wedding aboard HMS Warrior in the Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth.

Despite following the same pattern of the last few days and pouring hard all morning by the time I arrived for this late afternoon wedding the rain had stopped, clouds were breaking and it was turning into a lovely summers day. I quickly navigated the security for the dockyard and made my way to HMS Warrior where I met up with Iain and the guys who were already on board. Having taken their portraits I then busied myself taking the views of HMS Warrior and details to give a sense of place for this wonderful old ship.

Lianne arrived in a stunning new Rolls-Royce Phantom just as the last of the general public were leaving the ship and I quickly positioned myself in my preferred spot in the captain’s cabin for the ceremony. As usual it was a relaxed ceremony with the local registrars allowing me sensible free rein and I captured some lovely moments during the ceremony before we made our way back out on deck for the group shot and the family groups accompanied by a real life sweep.

We had a few moments to capture some images of Lianne and Iain alone before dinner which was held in the ward room, and took an short break before returning to cover the speeches which were moving and heartfelt – but once they were completed, and with the evening guests arriving it was straight through to the gun deck for the cutting of the cake and first dance for Lianne and Iain and then a father – daughter dance immediately afterward.

Here are some images from this lovely day.

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