We had postponed Katy and Rob’s pre-wedding shoot a few weeks back due to driving rain, and in fairness this was pretty much the first good week we have had since then to go out and make some great photographs of them in the run up to their Surrey wedding later this Autumn. So with a good forecast and us all able to make the date I drove up to Esher to meet up with Katy and Rob for the first time, talk through their day in more detail and take some pre-wedding shoot images.

We started at the Holy Trinity Church in Esher with a scout around the perimeter before heading into the church to look at the vantage points for the ceremony and also to establish that it was suitable for family groups in the possibility that it might rain on the day. Back-up plan formulated we then left for Esher Cricket Club where they will hold their reception in a private marquee.

We took a walk around the edge of the pitch finding some areas of good light and a very cool old pitch roller/tractor which became a feature prop in some of the images…

Here are some of the images from the session and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them again soon for their wedding day.

esher pre-wedding shoot portraits

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